Mobilum’s crypto Over the Counter (OTC) trading desk is designed exclusively for high net-worth individuals and institutions looking to execute high-volume orders that might be too disruptive to place in an open market.

Why Use Mobilum OTC Desk?

We give you access to a deep liquidity pool, a diverse selection of digital assets, and highly personalized services that allow you to trade high volumes with zero slippage.

Mobilum’s OTC desk also provides you with secure, ultra competitive, discrete execution and settlement services.

What makes Mobilum OTC
Desk special?

We have integrated unique features into our OTC desk to ensure you get a seamless and secure high-volume trading experience:

  • A wide variety of crypto assets
  • Segregated bank accounts
  • Same day settlements
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees
  • Zero confirmations for crypto deposits
  • Highly competitive execution fees
  • High integration with powerful APIs
  • 24/7 services with real human interactions
  • Highly personalized experience that caters to your individual needs

Who do we serve?

Cryptocurrency exchanges

With our deep liquidity, your crypto exchange can increase the depth of its order book. You can also trade across fiat and crypto pairs or outsource your OTC desk.

Hedge Funds

Whether you are a systematic or discretionary hedge fund, you can use our point-in-time execution to trade with zero slippage and enjoy consistently tight pricing and reliability in volatile markets.

Proprietary Traders

As a proprietary trading firm, you can leverage our flexible settlements, tight spreads, and differentiated liquidity to enable your arbitrage, momentum, basis, and arbitrage trading.

Crypto Miners

Both big and small crypto miners find our 24/7 OTC services useful when they need to liquidate their positions in a simple and stress-free manner.

OTC Desks

Your OTC desk will find our RFQ interface, tight spreads with time guarantees on all order sizes, and flexible settlement terms indispensable.

Payment Traders

As a payment provider, you can capitalize on our services to transfer value globally over crypto rails with instant price discovery, zero slippage, and instant settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over-the-counter trading is a trade made directly between two parties and takes place without the mediation of an exchange. It is organized among groups of dealers in a marketplace without a central location. For OTC crypto trades, the two parties trade both crypto-to-crypto or crypto-to-fiat. Generally, one of the parties is a firm, known as an OTC desk.

The most popular OTC market among all asset classes is foreign exchange, or forex, where currencies are traded via a network of banks instead of exchanges.

There is a lot of contradictory information about how big OTC market size is – the discrepancy is from 250 million dollars to 30 billion a day! It is worth mentioning that trading market size on cryptocurrency exchanges is around 15 billion USD per day. recently announced that daily OTC volumes are three times higher than on cryptocurrency exchanges. It is also worth noting that some crypto exchanges act dishonestly and artificially inflate their volumes.

One of the advantages of OTC trading is the lack of limits that are set up crypto exchanges, so it is a good solution for people who want to trade gigantic amounts of cryptocurrencies. Other reasons are greater anonymity, liquidity, eliminating slippage, preventing unwanted price changes and no FIAT integration.
Currently, the main buyers are hedge funds, and the main sellers are miners. The regions in which the majority of OTC transactions take place are Asia and North America. However, many people think that OTC trading is only for “big fish”, for example, for institutional investors, and in reality, it is not quite so. If you are not an institutional investor, it doesn’t mean that OTC is not for you; it’s just another option for you to buy and sell digital currencies.

If you are not familiar with online exchanges, the whole process is difficult for you, it seems complicated to you, OTC trading can be for you. It may allow you to have more personalized, human experience. In general, OTC creates a very simplified process for an average investor.

Are you Interested in large trades?

Mobilum OTC has proven experience with $10 million in trades and counting. Book a meeting with one of our experts to find out what makes Mobilum different.

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