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Mobilum tower Mobilum is a licensed fiat against the crypto gateway and software development company headquartered in the European Union.

Mobilum offers business and consumer solutions supporting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and cashless transactions worldwide. Blur

new financial infrastructure

Platform supported with mbmtokens

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What is mobilum platform Underline

Platform supported with mbm tokens

Xcard app and biometric card

XCARD wallet&
credit card

Xcard app and biometric card

XCARD is the most secure crypto & FIAT Wallet & biometric crypto credit card with access to exchanges all over the world, for more than 50 mln users. XCARD makes your journey with crypto as easy as with FIAT money no matter if it’s your first time or you are an advanced user.

Xcard app and biometric card

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Liquidity provider API

Mobilum Liquidity provider API technology allows crypto enabled companies to buy and sell crypto through the Mobilum API on the free market.

Offering users an easy and efficient method of servicing any trades across many different platforms.

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Xcard app and biometric card

Terminal App

Mobilum Terminal App is a mobile acquiring application that allows acceptance of payments in physical places, such as shops and service points, with no monthly fees.

This allows merchants to open their doors to accepting crypto as a means of payment.

Xcard app and biometric card

Number two
Buy-Sell-Crypto Widget

Mobilum’s buy-sell-crypto widget technology allows the easy purchase of cryptocurrency through a wide variety of FIAT currency.

Our platform offers the providers or hosts of our widget with a referral fee ensuring that users pay less but clients also make something out of the service provided.

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Xcard app and biometric card

E-Commerce fiat against crypto gateway

Mobilum E-Commerce fiat against crypto gateway technology provides online merchants the ability to accept payment in either FIAT or crypto by use of payment cards (VISA, MasterCard), wire transfer, QR codes, pay-by-links and PayPal.

Xcard app and biometric card

What Are MBM Tokens Underline

Platform supported with mbm tokens

Membership to wallet

Users will have the ability to stake 0.5% of the transaction fee of trades in MBM. This stake will mean there will be no transaction fees will take place when the user is making any transaction through the wallet.

Reduced Transaction Fees

Reduction in transaction fee when using our payment widget on any website. Users will have an option of paying the transaction fee in either Fiat or MBM, the MBM option will always be 20% cheaper in Fiat valuation.

TokenBack Initiative

Whenever you use MBM to make a purchase in stores or online, the user will receive 1% cashback as standard (double the 0.5% average from traditional world methods). Users will also have the ability to increase the cashback amount to a maximum of 2% by staking more tokens.

Roadmap Underline

Platform supported with mbm tokens

Step 1

XCARD liquidity provider API that allows crypto enabled companies to buy and sell crypto through the XCARD API on the free market.

Q1 2020 – Implemented connectivity with liquidity providers (crypto side)
Q2 2020 – Integration ready for the first customers
Q1 2021 – Implementation of FX connectivity for online FIAT currency exchange

Step 2

XCARD Terminal App – a mobile acquiring application that allows accepting payments in physical places (like shops or service points) with no monthly running fees.

Q3 2020 – Beta tests of the solution with selected merchants
Q4 2020 – Commercial rollout in selected European countries
Q1 2021 – Commercial rollout in selected Country abroad

Step 3

XCARD buy-sell-crypto payment widget that allows anybody to earn referral fees by allowing its website visitors to buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies in the most convenient way, like crypto exchanges and other institutions.

Q3 2020 – Technology allowing buying crypto easily for EU citizens (implemented top
10 coins and 4 FIAT currencies: USD, EUR, PLN, CAD)
Q4 2020 – Commercial rollout worldwide with more fiat coins

Step 4

XCARD Wallet – a mobile multi-wallet application

Q3 2020 – Will be implemented and released
Q4 2020 – Full-scale launch
Q1 2021 – Internalizer and atomic swaps

Step 5

XCARD Payment Card to help crypto enthusiasts buy, sell, exchange, and spend crypto and fiduciary currencies easily and instantly at any point of sale, online and offline.

Q2 2021 – First 1000 cards will be issued

Step 6

XCARD e-commerce fiat against crypto gateway that allows merchants to accept payments in both fiat and cryptocurrencies using payment cards (VISA, MasterCard), wire transfers, QR codes, pay-by-links, and PayPal.

Q2 2021 – Beta tests with first e-commerce platforms
Q3 2021 – Commercial rollout

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