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Mobilum; a pathway to secure payment

When you think about cryptocurrencies for a moment, the first idea that comes to mind is this; it can be used for investment and not payment purposes. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Why can’t I just walk into a shop, purchase my favorite drink and pay with cryptocurrencies? Such questions pop up every time a person buys or invest in cryptocurrencies. So, in this chapter, you will get insight into how far cryptocurrencies have come, the factors that affect its use as a medium of payment and more importantly the solution to the problem. Are you ready to take this up a notch? Let’s do this!


First of all, I want you to know that it is possible for cryptocurrencies to be accepted as a medium of payment. It is essential that you get this message right from the onset. I am here to show you just how you can utilize your digital coins in such a way that it becomes beneficial enough to be used to pay for the items and services you require. If you thought it wasn’t possible, you would be amazed at how wrong you were by the time we get to the end of this article.


Currently, cryptocurrencies are accepted as a medium of payment in very select places and stores due to the perception that it is only meant for investment purposes and this idea is fueled by reports of instability that has trailed digital coins. Business owners are also reluctant to cash in on this technology because of the acceptance gap that spans years. These factors and more affect the way individuals handle their crypto coins. At a time, such as this, people crave a different experience, they look out for someone or something that can make crypto coins much more acceptable and utilized. This is where Mobilum comes in.


Investments are very crucial to attaining financial freedom; I am not saying that they aren’t necessary. It is good to invest, and it is even better to invest in entities that will yield a profit. This we have achieved with Cryptocurrencies; anyone who spends in crypto coins can be sure of getting returns of investments however what every individual think about daily is how to solve immediate needs. How these crypto coins can be used to pay for the necessities they need. Again, this is where Mobilum comes in.


A gap currently exist between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This gap widens with each passing day because a lot of persons are still hostile to the crypto coins. However, because crypto coins exist side by side with fiat currencies, there have got to be a way through which both tenders can be utilized to the satisfaction of the user. The world is at the center of a technological revolution as such, closing the gap between crypto coins and fiat currency is something that is possible especially on a platform such as Mobilum.


There is a feeling of confidence that comes with knowing you can pay for whatever you want to at any time because you know you’ve got the currencies society needs. This feeling makes people strive to be better, to make financial decisions that add value to them. So here you are with all types of crypto coins, you walk into a store, and you see the bold “NO CRYPTO ACCEPTED HERE” sign. That means no matter how much value you’ve placed on your coins, the fact that they cannot get you what you need at a particular time makes it a hopeless situation. Wait a minute; it isn’t hopeless yet; the solution to the problem is getting a bridge that connects your cryptocurrencies to the store in the most natural possible way. Is there a bridge like that? Is there a platform that helps you change the status of your cryptocurrencies from being an investment tool to becoming a payment tool?


Mobilum is the bridge that you need; I’m sure you already know that this article is about solutions. We are going to walk together to figure out the answers you seek concerning using crypto coins. With Mobilum the first thing you are assured so you of is the easy way through which you can make payment using any card across the world. You probably think this isn’t possible right? Well, I can assure you that what you have here isn’t just the solution to the issue that is prevalent with cryptocurrencies but the answers to how best you can use your digital coins on your terms. You will agree with me that everyone should enjoy the liberty that comes with being able to utilize their currencies in any way they want.


With Mobilum, you don’t have to be concerned with the possibility of a shop accepting your crypto coins. In fact, you do not have to inform them that you are paying with your cryptos. Going forward, you just have to use your regular debit card; you can spend your cryptos using Mobilum as a platform and your card as a means of ensuring payment. This process is the most hitch-free experience you will ever have. It’s akin to just making a regular payment as such; you don’t have to worry about the “no crypto accepted here” sign because you have got the solution to handling your cryptocurrencies with ease.


So, you know that Mobilum is the way forward now, there is a feeling of excitement you have now knowing that your crypto coins can be used as payment options. More importantly, you should know that with Mobilum, there will never be questions regarding how best to use cryptocurrencies. Mobilum offers a world where everything you have ever thought you could do with crypto coins becomes possible. You can go on that hot date with your crush and not worry about having paid with cash because you’ve got Mobilum. It is a complete change with any other thing you have experienced regarding cryptocurrency.


Regardless of what the world presents to you or what opinions are popular are acceptable, you must create your belief system that is backed by the assurance of something that works. When you get on Mobilum, it doesn’t take forever for you to sign-up either does it take a lengthy process for you to get on the platform. This is the kind of ease you experience with a platform that has much to offer. From the moment you start utilizing the process, it gets better from there.


At the end of this article, I want you to take a critical word with you, and it is “ease”! Payment can be made across a broad range of platforms; it is also true that there are lots of options you could try out when it comes to making payment. However, there are only a few platforms that make payments very easy, flexible and convenient. Mobilum is easy to use, the concept is one that is fair world over, and if you are keen on getting the most out of your crypto coins, Mobilum is the only platform you should be engaged with.


Regarding flexibility, you will not be held down to just one card in terms of usage. You’ve got an array of options from Master Card, to Visa, to American Express, UnionPay, etc. Some platforms offer such payment options but are restricted to only a particular card or banking institution. This isn’t the case with Mobilum; you have access to at least one of the options there making it the most flexible means of making payment. Cryptocurrencies make the whole payment system very complicated for some people, so if you are in this category, just make sure you are on the Mobilum train and enjoy the soft side of making payments.


Convenience is in the fact that you can utilize Mobilum anywhere you are. Payment does not have to be a problem because you have access to the innovative platform that connects you to others I minutes. With such invention, you will agree that investment is no longer the sole option when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Instead of keeping your crypto coins somewhere in a digital wallet waiting for right timing before you sell, you can enjoy your daily experiences and pay your way through such experiences.


Whenever anyone gets a hold of currencies, three things come to mind; how to spend, invest and give. These are the situations that often occur with money. However, cryptocurrencies are in a class of their own as such the restrictions that come with them often make it seem like you can only invest in them. This article has shown you that it is possible for you to enjoy the benefits of crypto coins beyond investments and we are talking about Payments. Using Mobilum, it will be easy for you to make payments with all types of crypto coins with any card both online and offline. The next big thing with payments has arrived, and it is embedded in one word; Mobilum!